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No matter how strong you were dealing with the walking dead was never a simple proposition. I fought, the way I always had, but I was tired. Being tired was what had killed my companions, and I wasn’t going to join them. Killing all of them, which might not even be possible, wasn’t something I needed to do, but creating myself a path was. With every kill I took another step forward, another step out of the pack I’d found myself trapped in the middle of. I felt like I was going to get out, at least until some of the fallen stood again. Of course they did. Right when I was close to freedom. For a moment, I’ll admit, I thought about giving up, but I couldn’t. I had to keep going.

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There were days when Monty wished he’d never let himself be talked into doing something so monumentally stupid, but it was past time the world learnt the truth about vampires. All of the dramas were quite obviously fictional and they all made sure to include a romance between one of the vampires and one of the humans. Even though it wasn’t all that unusual for a vampire to fall in love with a human, or at least lust, most of the time it didn’t go well. None of the script writers seemed to understand how close a vampire family could be, which meant that there were plenty of occasions when the human ended up dead, or a vampire, or sometimes, if they were particularly unlucky, an addict. Of course not all vampire families were that bad and he knew he was more than lucky to have been created by one of the more unusual vampires.
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