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Memories of the night before battered Sam from the moment he woke up. The face of the vampire who had left him for dead; his deceased friends and teammates; Alice with tears in her eyes; and the voice, at times his father’s, at others his mother’s, that kept telling him he was making a huge mistake by becoming a blood sucker. It wouldn’t matter to either of them that he hadn’t been ready to die. He knew that he’d never see them again because of the choice he’d made and a small part of him regretted hurting them. Until the night he’d met Alice his beliefs had been the same as his parents. All vampires were evil. Getting to know Alice had taught him how wrong he was.

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There was a moment when all Alice could do was stare. As it was Halloween she’d made sure that she was on the reception desk, which gave the normal receptionists an unexpected night off, just in case someone turned up that she didn’t want in the House. Halloween brought out all the creepiest vampires. What she hadn’t expected was the group of children that walked though the door. As a general rule most children in the local area avoided the Donor House. She couldn’t help smiling at them when she realised that they were all dressed in costumes, and that meant they were obviously out trick-or-treating.

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