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Tears streamed down her cheeks, but Amelia knew she was doing the right thing. It would keep her family safe, which was the most important thing, and no one would be able to find her. At least that was what she had been told. Going underground, into a sanctuary that had always been used by people like her, was the only logical thing to do, even though she had no idea what would happen then. After one last hug, her mother crying just as hard as she was, she walked away from the people she loved.

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Once Aurora was across the border she felt a weight lift from her shoulders. It had been longer than normal since the last time she’d managed to visit her father and Griffin, which made her feel guilty, but there seemed to be more work to do than ever before. Thanks to her help more people had been surviving blooming, so she was spending more of her time attempting to learn about the different powers. Her notebooks were slowly filling with information that had been lost when all the books on magic had been burnt. Everything had to be fitted in around her work at the library, which was getting harder because no one had any control over when someone bloomed, but she couldn’t just stop working. She knew she needed some time out more than she ever had done before. It was just a case of trying to work it in around her shifts, people blooming, and all the research she was doing.

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Mackenzie checked to make sure she was alone before she reached up with her hand and grabbed hold of the chain. Only certain magic users were permitted to know of its existence, because it led to a sanctuary mostly inhabited by the thieves. She was lucky to be one of them, especially as she would never steal anyone’s magic, but instead she would help the people who couldn’t cope with blooming. It meant she had more magic than most of the thieves, she had to watch her back more than anyone else would, and if anyone ever found out who she really was…

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