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Father was never the sort of man who felt the need to explain the orders he was giving me and he didn’t when he sent me to Ildieu with a scroll in my hand that described how to create a sanctuary using blood magic. The mages of Ildieu didn’t use blood magic, because they’d lost all knowledge of it when they willingly removed their own memories, so no one would know how bad things had become. Unfortunately we didn’t know anywhere near as much about blood magic as we once did, either, after our libraries were burnt down during the wall. All we’d ended up with was a few left over scrolls, most of which were no use to anyone at all. Maybe, if Father had told me he didn’t have any idea of what would happen to me if I used that magic, I never would have created the Hollow. Being immortal was never something that I wanted. Unfortunately that’s exactly what happened to me when I used a magic I didn’t know enough about – and in the end it was my own stupid fault.

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There had been nothing written about what would happen if a man reached black level. Some had said that their lack of knowledge put them at a disadvantage and it turned out they were right. Ixia looked back at the building she had called home for her entire life. No one had been sure that he could even become a black mage. Very few people actually managed it. Everyone knew that if he did it would change the world forever. She sighed, holding tightly to her bag strap. They just couldn’t know how it would change and she didn’t think it had ever crossed anyone’s mind that he would learn death magic.

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