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As the House came closer Diggory slowed. Emmett glanced at him, before turning his attention back to the woman they were mostly carrying between them. Even though Diggory had the strength to carry her alone it was better that he didn’t, because the wound was enough for him to want to feed from her, and after all the hard work they’d done neither of them really wanted him to do something he would later regret. “We made this decision together.”

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Morgan sat on the sofa that was in the corner of the reception, playing with the white ribbon that was tied around her wrist. Every day she spent at least a few minutes watching the comings and goings of the people at the Donor House. Normally nothing much happened. Vampires would enter the House, scribble their name into the book, and then go on to do whatever it was they were going to do. Some were there to feed, while others just wanted to enjoy being a part of the community. Donors would scribble their name into the book, leave the House, and go to spend time with old friends or shop. It was easy to tell the donors who had been in the House the longest, like Dominic, because they didn’t leave the House very often. Over time it became a comfort blanket and Morgan had found that she didn’t want to leave as much as she had at the beginning.

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There was a moment when all Alice could do was stare. As it was Halloween she’d made sure that she was on the reception desk, which gave the normal receptionists an unexpected night off, just in case someone turned up that she didn’t want in the House. Halloween brought out all the creepiest vampires. What she hadn’t expected was the group of children that walked though the door. As a general rule most children in the local area avoided the Donor House. She couldn’t help smiling at them when she realised that they were all dressed in costumes, and that meant they were obviously out trick-or-treating.

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