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Lucille stared down at the envelope. She knew what it held, which was why she couldn’t bring herself to open it. Becoming a World Walker was the only thing she’d ever wanted to do and she’d spent nearly nine years studying each of the thirty-four worlds it was possible for a Walker to visit. The exams were there to test a potential Walker on their knowledge of all the worlds they wished to travel to, so most would study only the worlds they were most interested in. To pass any one of the exams took a lot of work because Walkers needed to know everything about the world they wanted to visit. Knowing the geography of the world was important, as was knowing where all the doors were in that world. Some were patriarchal societies, others were matriarchal, and some were neither. Each one had its own beliefs and laws. Almost half the worlds had magic, while the others had different technologies. There were animals that were indigenous in certain worlds that had never even existed in others. In some cases it could be very easy to confuse one world with another.

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The day had begun the same way Electra’s days always began. Once she was out of bed and sitting at the table with her breakfast she went through the list of jobs she had to do. Most people came to her because she could repair creatures created with living clay, but there were a couple of orders for new creatures. Brendan had sent her another auction brochure, wanting to know her opinion on some of the creatures that were being sold, and Menolly was working on a new board that needed testing. As they were Electra’s siblings, and they were in business together, she knew she would make time for them, even though it took her away from the things she loved doing.
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