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Aisling hated talking about people when she knew they could hear her, but she needed to talk to Logan about Trey and he had brought the subject up first. She looked at the back of Trey’s head, wondering what he was thinking, before looking back at Logan. There was something about him that she really didn’t like. When she had some time to herself she’d work out what it was. Until then she had to push away that feeling so she could talk to him without the dislike she felt creeping into her voice.

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A candle provided the only light in the room. It was the morning of the winter solstice and Trey was awake well before sunrise. Most days he was awake well before sunrise, but for once he had a reason. He knew it wouldn’t be long before the new High Priestess of Persephone arrived at the Residence and he wanted to be the first person to meet her. Sighing, he put his quill down on the desk. Aisling was meant to be the right person, a true priestess who would do what needed to be done, but that didn’t stop him from worrying. Every time he thought of the change that was coming he knew that they needed strong people in the position of High Priest and High Priestess, but they didn’t seem to exist.

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