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Crying again wasn’t going to change anything. Anastasia pushed aside the emotions, doing her best not to think about how things might be for her sister, and instead focused on Lauren. Of course she was surprised to find Woody was gone. The last time she visited he was still pretending he was normal, still making it seem like he was the man he had always been, still doing his best not to push her into doing something it was obvious she didn’t want to do, even though that pretence had quickly faded once she was gone. After that his emotions had been all over the place. He didn’t believe that she didn’t want to join with them. Like so many things he’d been able to blame the World Government for her choice, wanting to believe she was trapped by them. Forcing her to stay would be nothing more than rescuing her.

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The last thing I remember before falling asleep, or possibly passing out, was how badly my entire body ached. Like everyone else I’d had the injection. All the actors had gone first, waving for the cameras, somehow managing to act normal when they came out, as though everything was fine even though they must have all felt as bad as I did. The director had followed, because people knew him too, and it was important that they saw someone they felt they knew going in for the injection. It would do good things for the fear some of the newspapers had been spreading, about how the injection hadn’t been properly tested.

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There were two types of newspaper report before the day of the injection. Most of them were written by journalists paid by the World Government to make everything seem fine, to tell the world that it had been properly tested and there was nothing anyone needed to worry about, because they did care about everyone. If they didn’t care they wouldn’t have gone to all the effort of making a long-lasting, gender neutral, contraceptive. A few told what turned out to be the truth. Fortunately, or maybe unfortunately, my parents believed the reports that said the injection was dangerous due to a lack of testing, and that belief is the reason they sent me to one of the old nuclear bunkers, where they thought I would be safe enough if any Government officials did happen to come looking for the people who didn’t turn up. Neither of them cared about having to pay the fine.

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